Connecting Patients to Atlantic Rehabilitation

Atlantic Rehabilitation was looking for a way to connect with more patients, improve patient access, and operate more efficiently. This led the organization in 2018 to conduct a pilot test with BetterPT on their Better Scheduling and Inbound Patient Management Platform (IPM). BetterPT is a HIPAA compliant, multi-platform technology that connects patients to physical therapy practices. After the pilot, Atlantic Rehabilitation deployed BetterPT across their Atlantic Rehabilitation network.

Partnering with BetterPT

We asked Daniel Whelan, Director of Atlantic Rehabilitation and Stefanie Colton, Manager of Business Development for Atlantic Rehabilitation how the pilot went and how the subsequent BetterPT IPM rollout has impacted their delivery of care.

You pilot tested BetterPT. Tell us about it.

BetterPT has been a great addition/tool for our department. It has allowed us to reach new patients who can benefit from our services who wouldn’t have otherwise known about us. This a great PT tool, however we have reached many new patients for other disciplines we treat.

Did you see your business grow during this pilot test?

Yes, absolutely. We thought that if we could potentially reach a couple of new patients per month, we would be happy. BetterPT has helped exceed our expectations.

What made you want to add a service like BetterPT in the first place?

We were looking to expand our patient accessibility in the communities that we serve and beyond.

What were your key takeaways after pilot testing BetterPT?

We were extremely pleased with the initial results and it’s been over two years now and we’re still going strong.

Tell us about the efficiencies BetterPT has created for your business.

It allows our team members to better manage the patient’s needs, especially when we have all the information needed to schedule a requested appointment.

Why do you think it works so well for your business?

As the COVID-19 virus began to arise in communities throughout New Jersey, Atlantic Health System worked quickly to adapt and implement new methods in order to continue to deliver safe, exceptional care to patients.

As the pandemic continued, we were fortunate to be able to offer many services remotely, with our very versatile team pivoting to providing therapy via telemedicine. At the same time we were cognizant of the fact that there were some services that absolutely needed to be provided in-person, and even more so, that there was a strong demand for in-person services.

Atlantic Rehabilitation’s team worked to implement practices and protocols at each of its 17 locations to continue to safely provide in-person rehabilitation, such as limiting the number of patients in its facilities at one time, strict social distancing and masking, and deep cleaning of all spaces and equipment.

But while these efforts made it possible to hold in-person rehab services, the challenged remained of letting people know that they were available. That’s when BetterPT’s value took on a whole new dimension.

BetterPT allows patients to request an appointment for what best meets their needs and it allows patients to communicate with us about our services and availability.

What do end users say?

End users have expressed that they would prefer to pick actual available times. It looks as though anyone can pick any time, any day, which is never really the case. It’s quite rare for a patient to pick a day/time that is truly an open slot. Patients are able to request days and times, and our team follows up to either confirm, or schedule for an open slot. We at Atlantic Rehabilitation pride ourselves on providing the highest level of quality, safety, and care to our patients.

Now that you have deployed BetterPT across all locations, what are your thoughts? Has it paid off?

BetterPT has been a great resource for us. It has now become part of our front-end training and workflow. It has allowed us to reach new patients who can benefit from our services, who might not otherwise have known about us. In fact, each month BetterPT has led 10 times the number of new patients to our doors than we initially estimated.

This proved especially helpful as the pandemic led many rehabilitation providers to shut down services, leaving patients searching for in-person services. For those who had the BetterPT app, a listing of providers, including Atlantic Rehabilitation, who were still up and running with in-person services, was right in the palm of their hand.

As we continue to grow and open in new areas, BetterPT will help us reach patients and enable them to seek the care they need. BetterPT has certainly paid off and we look forward to continuing the relationship.

About Atlantic Rehabilitation

Atlantic Rehabilitation provides a a full-range of services to restore the health and functional abilities of people after an accident, illness, injury or surgery with more than 250 team members working at 17 outpatient rehabilitation locations across New Jersey.